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Linda Bickel Photography

Barnacles is proud to be the exclusive outlet for Island Nature Photography by long-term island resident and nature photographer Linda M. Roberts-Bickel.

Linda is noted and recognized by both islanders and her professional peers for her stunning photos of North Captiva wildlife. She has over five million images in her portfolio; Linda takes hundreds, sometimes thousands, of new photos as she "stalks" the island daily for hours .

Visitors will often stop her as she walks around the Safety Harbor Lake carrying multiple cameras and ask her “Are you the picture lady?”  They usually comment that they have seen (and bought) some of her work and marvel at her ability to capture the natural beauty of island wildlife, particularly birds.

Linda is known by island residents for her incredible perseverance as a photographer as she waits for just the right moment to snap a picture of her subject. She has in depth knowledge of her avian subjects, having studied them for many years.

Linda will gladly give details of her subjects to those who ask -  the species of bird, the male/female identifying marks and whether the bird is in “breeding” or juvenile plumage

Linda does NOT use Adobe Photoshop to enhance her photos. All her photos are “Island Originals”, not copies, or cell phone shots, or internet downloads.

Recently, two new island homeowners told Linda that they bought their new island home because the prior owner had Linda’s photos prominently displayed; a fitting testament to this accomplished photographer.

In light of this recognition, Linda still works tirelessly to improve her portfolio of images, always looking for that  “right moment” of photographic excellence.